Why Hangover Tea

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Hangovers. Nobody likes them, most people have experienced at least one (or one hundred).

Hangovers occur for several reasons the most obvious is that the body is severely dehydrated
leaving you with a headache that feels like you’re walking around with Mt Everest on your shoulders…
and equally because ethanol does a smashing job of robbing the living daylights
out of your cells making you especially deficient in vitamin B hat’s the one that makes your brain fire along nicely).

As if this isn’t enough of a blow to the body, ethanol is a really small and simple molecule and
has absolutely no issues filtrating through all body structures making its way
rapidly through every part of your being and if you like big words – it gets metabolized into acetic acid.

This makes your muscles sore and achy and contributes to headaches too.

Seems the aftermath of a big night out isn’t necessarily worth the consequences!