Good. Lord. Idk if I should be giving 5 stars or not lll I mean it works I think buuuuut I’m 5 starring for the amount of poop coming out of me which is weird.

So. I received my tea. I drank it at night. It didn’t wake me up to go to the bathroom which was nice. The next morning I didn’t feel anything and thought well heck it doesn’t work. So I made some coffee and took my dog for her morning walking. Well, the coffee I guess pulled the trigger because mid walk I had to run home. It wasn’t painful like some of those detox are (stomach pains…) just felt like I had to go and had to go NOW!

So that was whatever. Then I had to go again. And again at work. Mind you this was one tea bag. Our office was pull of patients so I tried to wait for them to leave but no lol it just wasn’t happening.

Day one down. I thought about another cup of tea but thought heck no I’m waking up to do boot camp tomorrow thel ast thing I need is the poops. So I skipped it. Well…. cup number one was still in my system and once I pulled up to workout I went back home. Lord only knows what would have slipped out while bouncing around.

That was last week. I believe I received my package on Wednesday, drank Wednesday, and today is Monday…. ITS STILL WORKING!! I got this tea to detox before my wedding (3.5 months away) and I bet it’ll last that long. I suggest one tea bag a week or every couple of days… see how long bag number one lasts in your system before going down that road! I didn’t change my diet and I don’t really eat bad. I guess I was just full of you know what LOL!!!

Oh yeah the tea tastes REALLY good.